ELCOM applies advanced IABC technologies in telecom, transportation, security -defence and agriculture

IABC: Internet of Thing - Artificial Intelligence - Big Data - Cloud

With over 20 years of experience in technology areas and with hundreds of highly qualified experts, ELCOM has successfully developed many advanced technologies and applied them into highly applicable products and solutions, serving different fields such as telecommunications, intelligent transportation, security - defence, high-tech agriculture, and so on.

In addition to research and development activities, ELCOM also provides deployment solutions, IT - telecom - automation integrating services, technology infrastructure, platform products, warranty and maintenance services. ELCOM is a reliable distribution partner of various reputable technology companies in the world.

ELCOM Technologies

Market Segments

Viễn thông - CNTT

  • Telecom Billing and Operation Support Systems (BSS/OSS)
  • Telecom Core, IT Core and VAS Adaptation Platforms
  • ​Transmission solutions
  • Telecom/IT Infrastructure

Intelligent Transportation

  • ITS solutions (Intelligent Transport Management System; Electronic Toll Collection; Multi-utility transport services);
  • Vessel Traffic System.

Security - Defence

  • Surveillance, monitoring, intercept;
  • Tactical communication, transmission;
  • Information security, network monitoring;
  • Specialized products


  • Farm management solutions;
  • Greenhouses and supplies;
  • Microbiological soil and plant nutrient solutions; probiotic animal feed;
  • High-tech farm investment.
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